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Rundown Cover Reveal

Curveball Series #2
by Teresa Michaels
Cover Designer: Mayhem Cover Creations


Breanne Sullivan never expected to find love again. Allowing herself to move on wasn’t easy, and now it may be too late. Determined to give herself a second chance, she will go to any lengths to prove her love to Drew. If only she could find him. Desperate to numb his heartache in the wake of Breanne’s rejection, with something other than women and booze, Drew Scott packs his bags for the West Coast. Distance and a fresh start are just what he needs to heal the wounds caused by the only woman to ever captivate his heart. But when the past and present collide in an unexpected way, Breanne and Drew quickly learn that things aren’t always what they seem. Caught between solving the mysteries that haunt them and getting the happily ever after they deserve, the two once again find themselves at the center of a deadly conspiracy that could destroy them both. Answers come at a dangerous price. Sacrifices must be made in order to protect the ones they love. Can Breanne prove her love to Drew before its too late? Or will opposing forces interfere and destroy any chance of them having a future together?

Meet the Author

Teresa Michaels lives in the New England area with her husband and children.  Curveball is her debut novel.


Tempting His Heart Release Blitz

Tempting His Heart is FINALLY here! 

Tempting His Heart

Sloane Murphy needed a fresh start.  A new 
beginning.  She has finally crawled out of the
hell her life used to be and moved on, even if it
did take several years.  Purchasing a bookstore 
in the small town of Serenity Springs, Texas is a 
dream come true for her.  Meeting her best 
friend’s brother, a man she had heard so much 
about, was an added bonus.

Creed Caldwell is the Sheriff of Serenity Springs.  
His life is centered around his daughter, his 
family, and his job.  He didn’t think there was 
room for anyone else in it, until he met Sloane. 

The attraction is instant, the passion 
undeniable.  Until someone decides they don’t 
want Creed and Sloane together.  

Will Creed be able to protect both his family 
and the woman he is falling for?  Will Sloane
find the strength to place her trust in another 
man after her painful past?  Will the fight to not 
only survive but to forge a future with one 
another bring them closer together, or be their 
ultimate demise?

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 Author Bio

 I have a wonderful, supportive husband and three beautiful children. I enjoy spending time with all of them which normally involves some baseball, shooting hoops, taking walks, watching movies, and of course reading.
My passion for reading began at a very young age and only grew over time. Whether I was bringing home a book from the library, or sneaking one of my mom's romance novels and reading by the light in the hallway when we were supposed to be sleeping, I always had a book. 
I read several different genres and subgenres, but Paranormal Romance and Romantic Suspense have always been my favorites. I read anything by Katie Reus, Lora Leigh, J.R. Ward and Rebecca Zanetti. 
I have always made up my own stories, and have just recently decided to start sharing them. I hope everyone enjoys reading them as much as I enjoy writing them.

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Josie's Miracle

Reverb Cover Reveal





COVER ARTIST:  Najla Qamber at Najla Qamber Designs

IMAGE Stock Photo


Blue Phoenix drummer, Bryn Hughes, prefers a quiet life away from the spotlight. But that’s proving difficult when his life is complicated by three very different girls: 

Mia, the girl who doesn’t understand the word no. 
Avery, who wishes she’d said yes. 
And his forever girl

Add to this a secret that threatens to take decisions about the future out of Bryn’s hands, and Bryn’s reputation as the uncomplicated band member is over. 

The world of Blue Phoenix is changing and Bryn is on the edge. Following a failed attempt to win back the girl he loved and lost as a teen, a broken-hearted Bryn returns to England and discovers heiress, Mia Jordan, has moved herself into his apartment while he was away. Life just got hard. 

When Avery spills soup on a rock star at a wedding and suggests he removes his trousers, she doesn’t expect to see Bryn Hughes again unless he’s carrying a law suit. 
So when Bryn gatecrashes an evening with her friends the following day, what he does stuns her. 

Avery and Bryn begin an unlikely relationship but their growing closeness looks set to end. If Bryn’s heart still belongs to a different girl, and he’s about to tour with Blue Phoenix, a future together looks doubtful. 

But when a secret explodes, the effects reverberate through every aspect of Bryn’s world and deciding where his heart belongs becomes the least of Bryn’s problems.








Lisa is an author of new adult romance and writes both paranormal and contemporary, including the best-selling Blue Phoenix series. 
Lisa is originally from the UK but moved to Australia in 2001 and now lives in Perth in Western Australia with her husband, three children and dog.



(See teaser pic for details)

Monday, March 30, 2015

The Power of Love Blog Tour

Title: The Power of Love
Author: Ada Marie
Release Date: March 28th, 2015

Ian Anderson is an irresistible multibillionaire CEO of the Independence artist firm, IA Independence. He has everything a man could want and more. He has women constantly throwing themselves at him, he makes more money in a week than most people make in a lifetime. But what does being rich mean if you live each day unhappy?
At the age of nineteen, Ian lost his family in a horrible tragic accident. Not knowing where to turn, or what his next step was Ian fled his town, without thinking twice about it. More importantly though, he left behind the one person who meant the most.
Allison was the only girl who’d ever captured Ian’s heart. They grew up together, best friends, turned into soul mates. Allison was Ian’s heart, his everything, the love of his life even. After all this time Ian can’t seem to rid his thoughts of Allison, in his mind, she was the one that got away. And even now he’s still very much in love with her. The hardest decision Ian ever made was the decision to walk away from her. But what if the only reason you left the person you loved was so that you could protect them?

Now, Seven years later, Ian comes face to face with Allison. Finding it hard to stay away from her, Ian finds himself falling into old habits. Allison gets under his skin like no one else, but when questions of the past come up will Ian tell Allison the truth or will he flee like he did seven years ago?
When Ian and Allison run into each other again, will Ian be able to make things right with the woman he’s always loved, or did he lose his chance? Will love that was once so strong resurface and give him everything he hoped for through all these years?
Will they have a chance to start over or will the past be too painful for them to overcome?
“I love you Ian,” Allison told him, as she snuggled up in his arms as they continued to stare at the stars that lit up the night sky.
Looking over to Allison, Ian felt his nerves come to surface. The whole reason for bringing her to the beach for their date, rather than a restaurant, was to give her the gift he’d bought her a week ago.
“I have something for you,” Ian said, his voice unsteady as he reached into his pocket. He felt a chill from the breeze around him as he lifted the box in his hand.
He watched her as her eyes began to widen, her hand began to pull back from where it was linked with his, and Ian could have sworn he heard her breath beginning to pick up as if she was going into panic.
“It’s not what you think it is,” Ian assured her, answering her unspoken thoughts. “You think I’m asking you to marry me, but you’re wrong. I love you, but we’ve talked about this. We’re nowhere near ready for marriage yet.” Allison let out a breath in relief as her body relaxed. “I love you,” Ian started telling her, as he sat himself up on his knees. “God knows I love you. Every day that I’ve known you has been wonderful. I can’t see ever not having you in my life. I want to be with you forever. I want to love, cherish, and protect you. Now, I know this all sounds like a proposal, but it’s not. It’s a promise. I want to love you for the rest of my life, and I know you want that, too,” Ian continued, opening the box. It held a small, gold ring with an infinity sign that had sliver of a diamond in the middle of it. It wasn’t big, but it was perfect. “It’s a promise ring,” Ian finished and stared into her eyes as he waited for her to respond.
 Allison sat in silence as she stared at him. This was the last thing she ever expected when Ian told her he had something for her. It was perfect. He was perfect. She felt the tears run down her cheek as she knelt down beside him to take his hands. He wiped her tears away with his thumb as Allison kissed his lips.
“You’re so thoughtful. I love you, Ian. This is perfect. You’re perfect. Thank you,” Allison said, as Ian placed the ring on her left ring finger.
“I just wanted you to know that no matter what happens, I promise I’ll never hurt you intentionally, and I’ll always love you.”
“Stop talking and kiss me,” Allison demanded.
When the kiss ended, Allison was full of emotions. She didn’t know much, but she knew from that moment on she’d always love Ian, no matter where their lives took them.

About The Author:
Ada Marie is a twenty two year old author, who found her passion and love for writing at the early age of ten. And she’s been writing ever since. She was born and raised in the small town of Newfield, New York and currently resides there today. In the last two years she’s been trying to accomplish getting a degree in Graphic Design alongside taking some creative writing classes.
Writing originally started for Ada as an outlet, but became so much more for her, she considers it to actually be one of the biggest parts of her life. Sitting at her desk, with her laptop in front of her is where she feels the most at home, and comfortable. Its her passion, you can see that just by look in her eyes when she talks about it. The first time she ever let someone read her work was on Fanfiction, and then one day she messaged one of her favorite authors about what the next step was and she encouraged her to enter the Indie world, and so she did, with the support of her friends.
The Power of Love was originally a short story that she started for a High School project, and eventually turned into her first ever full length written novel. And she’s beyond proud of all she’s accomplished with it.
She spends most of her days devouring into a new book by just another author that she loves, and spends her nights with the fictional characters she creates from nothing.

Connect with Ada:
Facebook: Facebook.com/authoradamarie
Twitter: Ada_marie18
Instagram: Authoradamarie
Tsu: http://www.tsu.co/Ada_marie