Sunday, November 30, 2014

Tijan Franchise Blog Hop

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There was a large living room right next to them, but it was empty. All the voices were coming from further down the hallway and since there were no doors, they started forward, figuring Logan had already gone ahead.
Mason said, “It’s a planning meeting of sorts.”
“For what?”
“For new people to come into the franchise.”
“We’re in a franchise?”
Mason paused and frowned down at Sam. “Yeah, that’s why we do all those interviews. Didn’t you know that?”
She shrugged, biting down on her lip and letting out a sigh at the same time. “I have no idea what I’m doing half the time. I just know I run a lot. I used to cry a bunch and I’m always feeling this pressure on my chest. Then it’s you guys. I spend a lot of time with you and Logan.”
The corner of Mason’s mouth curved up and he flicked a hand to her lips, touching her gently. “I thought you were working on this. No more of that.”
She stopped biting down on her lip, but she gave him a wry expression. “It’s a habit. It’s hard to break.” Glancing around, she added, “Just like wondering where we are. Franchise, huh?”
“That’s what I’m told. I guess we’re a big part of it too.”
“Who else is in the franchise?”
“We met some of them last year. Remember?”
She frowned. “I don’t. Remind me.”
“Oh.” Mason told her, “It was Nate who knew Hunt. They’re parents are in the same business.”
*flashback begins*
Logan moved around a group of girls to join us, as he did, he glanced back and skimmed them up and down. With a slow smile on his face, he asked us, “Why are we here again? I mean,” his gaze lingered on one girl in particular. Instead of flushing like some mightve, she held his gaze back and flipped her golden blonde hair over her shoulder. He added under his breath, “besides the obvious.”
I elbowed him in the side. “Isnt this where Kris wants to go?”
He shrugged, turning back to us and forgetting the girls behind him. “No clue. She changes universities every other month. If were still together when she graduates, Im sure shell try for Cain U.”
Mason was leading the way through the crowd, but his name was called out and he turned. Lifting an arm, he waved back, then reached for my hand. Interlacing our fingers, he said to Logan, “Nate met these guys. He said theyre cool and were here to support Nate.”
“Yeah, but this is Grant West University. Arent you rivals?”
He tugged me forward. Logan followed, going around a second group of girls and doing the same thing as before. Like before, they stared right back at him. He grinned, shaking his head, and murmured under his breath, “Im not a cheater, but damn, these girls got balls here.” He said to Mason, “Why are we supporting Nate? Isnt this against his frats rules or something? Hes here on some competition, right?” 
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