Friday, September 5, 2014

Royally Tamed Cover Reveal

Royally Tamed
While trying to find peace from the tumultuous events that started with Prince Anton’s sadistic past, the previous year has brought many changes to the intertwining lives of the prince, his brother, Damian, and his beloved sister-in-law, Mellissandra. Attempting to heal and move forward, Anton must hide secrets that, if discovered, could be the demise of the royal family and the country of Colania.
Unfortunately, one nosy stateside reporter has caught the scent of a scandalous story hidden in the backward country. Fueled by her own tormented past, Alondra believes in bringing justice to the innocent, and she is determined to expose the corrupt monarch for all that he has done.
When Alondra sets foot on the small island, she causes a chain reaction that leads to revelations in the royal bloodline, forever changing the future of Colania.

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