Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Beautifully Unbroken Promo and Review

A high profile relationship is difficult at the best of times, but when it ends in tragedy, it isn't easy to move on and that's exactly what happened to Jo Summers.... Forced to carry memories she would rather forget, Jo chose to build a firm perimeter around herself, vowing that any man in her life would only bring more hurt and pain.With the need for a fresh start, a new chapter begins in Jo's life when she is offered a dream role in a highly anticipated film. It's everything she has dreamed of; a new life in New York, a country where few know of her and she could start again.... that was until she fell under the spell of her co star Blake Mackenzie. Jo's feelings for Blake quickly grow but with the haunting memories of her past hanging over her like a dark cloud, she has no option but to open up her soul once again and leave her feelings dangerously open and vulnerable. Blake vows to prove to her that you can be happy without the pain, but with scarred memories as a constant reminder of how love can cut so deeply, her natural instinct is to run. Determined to overcome mistrust, her relationship is allowed to grow with Blake. With the future feeling like a beautiful dream it's hard to believe she has finally found happiness, but with the past never far from her thoughts, could it all come back to haunt her?  


Carrie's Review: Very enjoyable! I loved Jo and Blake from the start and found the book very entertaining. Endearing characters and great plot. Recommended read. 

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