Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Fallen Crest Character Interviews

Marissa, what was your first impression of Mason?

"He's a lot. He's just so big and honest and intimidating and just..alot." She blushes and looks down at her lap.

Logan, how did you and Tate meet?

"At school. I was going to find Mason and she was in the hallway. She told me I was cute and I told her she was hot." He smirks.

Mason, you're well known at Fallen Crest Public, but haven't let it go to your head. Who or what keeps you grounded?

"Grounded? It's hard not to be grounded when you've seen the other side of life, where people want a piece of you and then will just spit you out and walk all over you. Anyone who isn't grounded is an idiot."

Kate, you and Mason have a mutually beneficial arrangement. What three words would you use to describe what the two of you share?
She glances at Mason with a slight grin. He stares back with no emotion showing. Then she says, "Best. Sex. Ever."

Nate, what has made your parents dislike Mason so much?
He laughs. "When he went nuts at a party. They didn't like that, but the final straw was when we all got arrested. They were really not happy with that one." Mason looks over at him and says, "Sorry, man." Nate nods. "I know."

Tate, why did you go after Mason if you loved Logan?
 She draws in a deep breath, glances at Mason. When she sees the automatic scowl, she swallows and clears her throat. "Um, I was stupid. That's all I can say. I was just really dumb."
Logan looks away.
There's a moment of silence and then Mason says, "You weren't being dumb. You were just being a bitch."
She nods. "Yeah, I was being that too."
Kate laughs softly to herself.

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