Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Tainted(101 Nights Serial #2) Review


I’m tainted by his branding touch, the things he does to me in bed, the scent I can’t get out of my skin.

Before Elijah, I’d never been possessed by any man and I never wanted to be. But now, I’m starting to like how he’s become the center of my world and how thoroughly he reminds me that he owns me every chance he gets.

Circumstances force us to move up our faux engagement in a way that leaves me scared and faced with new challenges. I’m not ready to face the press again after what happened last time or to take my place publicly at his side. There are too many people, too many chances for someone to uncover what we’re doing …

Too many mysterious texts from a stranger who tells me I need to get out now and that he can help me by giving me real dirt on Elijah to free myself from being so wholly possessed. At first, I ignore them, hell bent on my personal mission and feeling Elijah’s touch one more time.

Just when I start to doubt Elijah is what everyone else claims him to be, he once again finds a way to surprise me.

This time, it’s not with a sex toy or new position in bed.

This time, it’s bad. I don’t know if I can go through with this after all.

 Carrie's Review:
Another amazing read! I love this series so far and really look forward to reading more. Natalie and Elijah(EJ) are fantastic together. Hot and steamy scenes. Highly recommending.

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