Thursday, April 3, 2014

Fallen Crest High New Cover Reveal

Character Interview:
I had a chance to speak briefly with Mason, Sam, and Logan. They're even more amazing and loveable in person.

1. Mason and Sam, describe each other in three words.
Mason answers, "Hot, strong, stubborn." Sam laughs and answers, "Hot, strong, stubborn." Mason throws her a smile and she returns it. 

2. Logan, what was your first impression of Sam?
The first time I really noticed her, I thought she was kickass." He nudges Sam with his elbow. "Still do." Sam grins at him. 

3. Sam, it's become apparent running provides an escape of sorts for you. How long have you been a runner and what is your best distance/time?
She sits up straighter and her eyes warm. "I've been running since sixth grade and my best time would be one day when I did a mile in 4:25.
Logan nods. "Kickass. What did I say?"
Sam laughs.

4. Malinda has been more of a mother to Sam than Analise. Mason and Logan, what is your opinion of Malinda?
Logan barks out a laugh, but leans back and looks at Mason. Sam takes a breath, but is fighting back a smile while Mason laughs shortly and leans forward. He shrugs, but says, "She's okay." Logan snorts and mutters under his breath, "For now." Mason shoots him a look and repeats to the interviewer, "Malinda's okay. We're a little cynical when it comes to adults, that's all. Malinda's been great for Sam, that's all that matters." 

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