Saturday, March 8, 2014

Her Master's Courtesan Blog Tour

Megan's Review:

Her Master's Courtesan by Lily White

I was given an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review; no other compensation was received on my part.

I honestly don't know where to start this review aside from OMFG!!! The amount of mind debauchery (so not the word I really want to use) in this novel will leave you with a hangover for days. It is dark and depraved, an emotional upheaval of words in a single collection that will do things to you I can not even describe…to the point I had to put it down several times to digest what was going on and recover a little from it before I could continue. This is not a BDSM book…this is dark, darker than anything I have read before. If you are not someone who can handle rape, kidnapping, enslavement, mental and physical abuse, and lots and lots and lots of rough sex…stop reading and don't even bother thinking about it any longer. I have read a lot of excellent dark reads and this is right there with the fabulous ones. It will pull your heart, and even some of your soul, directly from you and run it through a meat grinder…seriously.

Rebecca was born to a higher class of society…privileged and protected…until a chance meeting in an art gallery exhibit changes the course of her life. She is now nothing, a sex slave with the pretty title of "courtesan" to be used and abused as her master sees fit. She is strong of mind, rebellious in her own way, though it does not work out so well for her to be so. Ripped away from her life and hidden in a secret society that caters to the wealthiest of the wealthy it no longer matters what she thinks or wants. She will be broken one way or another, both physically and mentally, until she becomes what her master wants her to be.

Aiden is a master, a trainer of sex slaves for the wealthy, the best of the best. He is beautifully sick and perverse man who does not know love or emotion, and he is fine with that. He is a someone who breaks and humiliates women to rebuild them into what he wants…and he always gets what he wants. It is his universe and nothing else, nobody else, matters in the least. He thrives on control and order. He finds pleasure in pain and submission. Though Rebecca is acquired to train for another, he finds something in her that is unique, indispensable, and irreplaceable…if only he can get her to submit fully. She touches something within him he has never experienced before…not love but a curiosity that he will figure out.

It is beyond words what this book did to me. The concept of these secret societies existing among us, undetected for generations, is disturbing at the least. The situations that Rebecca is faced to endure is appalling. I found myself riding the wave of her emotions throughout my experience of reading…and yes it was an experience in of itself. This is by no means a happily ever after, butterflies and rainbows story…don't expect it. You will be disgusted, pissed off, sad, and numb at various points. This is a story that is dark, dirty, and will manipulate and rape your emotions in every way possible. Just when you think there will be some small bit of happiness, Master Aiden will remind you that he has the ultimate control and nothing is what he does not want it to be.

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