Monday, March 31, 2014

Complete Character Interview

1. Grayson, what was your first thought when you saw Lily in the audience?
 I'm assuming you mean when I got roped into the Fennimore firemen's fundraiser? I thought my world and everything I had ever loved had come back to haunt me; that it couldn't really be her staring up at me, and that the way I was feeling was proof that it could be no other. I felt like I had found what I'd been missing the past few years.
2. Lily and Grayson, what do you love most about each other?
 Lily: Grayson's passion. Everything he does, he does with every piece of him. Grayson: I can't decide what I love the most about Lily, because even the little things make her who she is, and without them, she wouldn't be her. I guess my best answer would be, everything.
3. Lily, has Grayson written more songs about you? If yes, can you share a line or two?
Grayson is always singing to me. Most recently, he wrote me a sonnet about asparagus. It was really romantic. I think one line was: Oh, asparagus, without you, I am patheticus.
4. Lily and Grayson, how is parenthood?
 Lily: Even when it is chaotic, it is peacefulness at its finest. I look at Olive and my heart smiles. Grayson: I look at Olive and I feel fear like I have never felt before. I just keep imagining her at sixteen. I'm going to have to get my glare down for whenever boys check her out. I feel I will be doing my share of the evil eye in coming years. Other than that, yeah, I love it. Parenthood suits us both.

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