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After being emotionally scarred by her ex, Ava Martinez struggled to find a guy worth her
time. She found happiness in her job, her boss was truly amazing, and being surrounded by
friends that kept her smiling, but she knew that one thing was missing.
Brantley Fisher never considered himself a ladies man, but he didn’t have any problem
melting the panties off of any willing woman he met. As he found himself climbing up the
company ladder he made it well known, he was not the type of guy to settle down. That was
until he noticed the petite brunette across the bar who would forever change his life.
Their passionate whirlwind romance brings them happiness they once worked so hard to
avoid. However, their murky pasts will stop at nothing to keep them from finding love. In
a moment of turmoil, they both find clarity. Will Ava and Brantley risk everything for true

Excerpt #1

Brantley, thank you so much for the drink, but my friends are back there waiting for me.” I
pointed to the booth where are all my girlfriends seemed to be watching me like hawks as I
talked to this gorgeous man.
He gave them all a wave and a flash of his bright smile. I think the entire bar heard them squeal
over the booming music.
Well, now they know that you’re here with me, you can stay and chat a bit longer.” He
proceeded to give me that same smile. I melted.
Alright, Brantley. What would you like to chat about?” I innocently inquired, trying to hide a
smile. I played with my long, black hair, twirling it in between my fingers.
To be honest, Ava, I’m curious about how I can get this amazing dress off of you and onto my
floor,” he stated as he lifted his glass to his mouth.
My hand dropped from my hair, “Oh. My. God. Are you serious?” I couldn’t believe how forward
this guy was being.
As a heart attack.”
Excerpt #2

Ava,” he said softly. “The last few days have been the hardest thing I have ever dealt with.
I haven’t slept, because I roll over and you’re not there. I realized after you left, you are all I
need.” He paused, grabbing my hands. “I love you so much; I should’ve said it sooner.” He
leaned down and softly kissed my lips.

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About the Author

Michelle Escamilla is a married mom of two. She began writing just to pass the time, waiting for one of her favorite authors to release her upcoming book, but soon found a new passion. When she is not writing, she is spending time with her kids, husband or family. She lives in Colorado, where she loves the Mountains during the summer months for hiking and would love to be on a beach during the winter months.

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