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Underworld Champions (The MC Outlaw Series #1)Underworld Champions by Ella Stone
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Hell Yeah! Who wouldnt want to live a bikers life with a man like Cole in it!!

New Author Ella Stone has hit the biker world with a good book here in, The MC Outlaw Series, Underworld Champions!

Want to know more about an Austrailian biker club? Want a good bike club war? Well here you are! Come and meet Madeline! A.K.A. Maddie.
A girl full of fire, atittude and alot of issues from her past. She grew up in a life of drugs from a father that didnt care what happened to her, only to use her for his own drug addiction.

Maddie was raised by what she thought was her father. A drug addicted low life that told her not to call him father.
He has left her a mountain of debt to a drug dealer named Liam who holds Maddie responsible. Shes 19 years old and spent most of her life taking care of his messes and cleaning up after him. Now that he is gone shes not sticking around town to deal with the drug dealer. But she has no money and no where to go except her mothers.
She doesnt know much about her mother since she didnt stick around from the age of 3. Maddie hates her mother since she thought she sent her father and her away.

Maddie's meets her mother once her Toby's time has to come to shut the machines off keeping that are keeping him alive. And she meets this big burly guy with tattoos arms and his leather cut saying 'President'. Her mother not much better looking with tattoos on her arms also and across the chest. She calls her mother her "incubator" the bitch that took off years ago. Her mother wants to make sure Maddie is ok and has a place to go which she doesnt, but she isnt going to tell her mom that. And she did need her help so decides to take her mom up for a place to stay. She notice's when they leave her at the hospital the emblem for the motorcycle club her mother belongs to "The Outlaw Riders".She has no intentions of staying with her mother forever she doesnt want to become some biker bitch like her.

Maddies goes to find her mother at the address she gave her. Not a home at all. But while there she meets a few of her mothers friends and doesnt find them very friendly. She heads to her home the other address given to her. No key but that doesnt stop Maddie and needless to say it isnt much of a place and soon realises it has an alarm in it soon to be told to her by one perfect specimen of a man she has ever laid eyes on. In walks Cole!! "An Angel that fell to earth and decided to go all rugged and all and joined a biker gang." Instantly time for a panty change!

My favorite quote from this book is a scene between Cole and Maddie:
Cole tells Maddie "You got a giant set of f**king balls on you girl" Maddie witty as she is comes back with "Balls are soft. I've got a vagina. Much tougher." Love the spitfire in her! She is constantly clenching from the sight of this hot biker.

Maddie makes herself home until her mother and the 'Prez' return. Then she has the heart to heart with dear old mom and stepdad and finds a shocking surprise about her so called father, Toby. She is shocked from what she learns.

Maddies needs to make her own way to get out and move on her own. She goes to work for her father in the club.
She is still wondering about them keeping her safe from Liam, Toby's drug dealer that thinks he owns her. Cole tries to get to know her better and tries to find out about where she came from. And wants to know if she spoken for or claimed. Cole wants her as his "Old Lady" and he will get it, one way or the other.

Maddie is overwhelmed with all the response from everyone at the club remembering her back when she was very young. She meets several people that explain to her the grief her mother and "Prez" went thru after she was gone.
Maddie has a deep attraction to Cole (everytime she sees him, her panties get wet) and he has his own memories of her. Will she remember him from her past or not? Cole is the VP or the club ever since his father died.

Maddies trying to protect the club,her family, she has come to love and not tell them about her past with Liam, Toby's drug dealer and that man is bound and determined to claim what he thinks belongs to him. Cole does everything in his power to protect his "Old Lady" will he be strong enough to take down the drug dealer that has his sights set on getting his payback for her Toby's drugs.

I love this book. It's hot, erotic, thrilling, romantic and above all its got some nice hot bikers in it too. Maddie fits in perfectly with them all. Will she get her peace and be safe from her past or will it find her? You gotta read it to find out. I give it 5+ stars! You will love Maddie and her new life and you will love her man, Cole!! Hes fricking HAWT!!
Great book by new Author Ella Stone. Shes got a good one here for sure and Im gonna follow it all the way thru.

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