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Tammies Review of Dirty Little Lies Dirty Little LiesDirty Little Lies by Clare James
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

How to get your sexy Back in 6 easy steps. Well Stevie Sinclair is about to find out! And Claire James does a very good job telling how Stevie goes about this adventure in Dirty Little Lies.

Stevie is in a relationship with Max. They have been living together for some time now and her sex life with Max sucks balls. Max just doesnt give Stevie the tingling, butteflies and orgasms. Stevies attention span with men, careers, apartments, hair color... are very frequent changes.

Stevie and Max have a routine lifestyle and Stevie is not happy with it. Max is going out of town for a business trip. After getting up going to the kitchen to find Max preparing breakfast as he always does. She is on her way to the kitchen and catches a glimpse of herself in a mirror and realises how awful she looks in the mornings. She decides this is why he keeps his eyes closed during sex. Max gets up to go finish packing for his business trip and Stevie goes to help him. She goes to get his toiletry case for him to take on the trip and she notices a strip of condoms in it.
She cant figure out why because she is on the pill. She questions him about it and he just cant explain to her why he has them. Immediately she thinks he is having an affair he explains it isnt. He asks for time to figure it out so he can explain it to her. His ride get there and has to leave and tells her they will talk about it when he gets back. Stevie tells him she'll be gone by the time he gets back.

Stevie sits and cries eating and drinking and sleeping for 36 hours. Until Tia shows up and makes her explain what has happened and tells her she is moving out and she has a week til Max returns. After time she gets restless and starts flipping thru her magazines until a title captures her attention. "How I Got My Sexy Back in Six Easy Steps." She now has a mission.

She goes thru the steps of preparing herself to go out and complete this mission. She gets all cleaned up and pampered herself to prepare her first step. She packs up her stuff and her bird 'Free', which Max bought her on their 6 month anniversary. and decides to use her points to stay at the Marriott.

She goes to the bar that evening (with the torn page of the magazine her 6 steps of sexy back) and decides this is her first step to get her sexy back. She orders her martini and starts to go over her list. She has noticed a very sexy man sitting nearby. She laughs at her ridculous attempt to flirt. She has now had a few drinks and the sexy man comes over to talk her. He intoduces himself as Gabe and as they talk she explains her mission to get her sexy back and Gabe offers to help her get it back. But explains it needs to be done his way and she has to trust him.

Well does Stevie get her sexy back and what has Gabe got to offer her in help? The guy is so sexy she cant refuse him. Gabe takes her thru the steps he feel appropriate. But does he have other plans for himself?

I gave this 4 stars. I love sex in it. Steams the words right off the page. Gabe is hot!! Gabe is Sexy as hell and can just talk to you on the phone and give you a major orgasm!! If your into some hot erotic moments then you MUST read this. Its kept me hot and bothered all the way thru it. The sex in this book is enough to make you want to Get Your Sexy Back.

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