Friday, January 10, 2014

 Carrie's review: I loved this book! Logan was great in More than This and I was really happy to read his love story with her. He showed in MtH, how much depth he has. Logan and her's relationship is complex, but they make each other happy. That's really all that can be asked for.

I highly, highly recommend both More than This and More than Her. More than Him is coming!

More than Her cover:
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<strong><em><u><span style="font-size: large;">Excerpt #2</span></u></em></strong>

He put his free hand on the small of mu back, and that's how we stayed, with is arm wrapped around me, is fingers in my hair, my head on his chest, and my heart in his hands.

Minutes went by before I felt his hand that was stroking my hair began to slow, and his breathing evened out.

He'd fallen sleep.

I lifted my head slowly, hoping not to wake him.

And I looked at him.

And I forget where I am, and how I got here. I forgot the storm outside, and all the memories associated with it. Because all I feel is him. I watched as is chest slowly rises and falls, his hair - that perfect mess, his lips slightly parted as is breath blew in and out.

My gaze lingered on his lips longer than it should, but I don't kiss him. Instead, I lay my head back down and let his rhythmic breathing lull me into my own slumber.

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