Thursday, January 9, 2014

Mine to Lose blog tour stop

Carrie's review: I loved this book! It was the first book I've read by T.K. Rapp but it won't be the last.
This is Emogen and Ryan's love story, and it's a sweet one. It had a very realistic feel to it..both Ryan and Emogen had depth and I could easily see each in a lot of the couples I actually know, in terms of facing what life threw at them, together.
I definitely recommend.


Mine to Lose cover:

Excerpt: Ryan’s eyes shift over my shoulder and his look is murderous. When I turn to see why, there is a man standing behind me. Walk away, I think to myself. The guy looks down at me, never making eye contact with Ryan, “You okay?” “She’s fine,” I turn to face Ryan as he responds for me. “My wife and I were just leaving.”I smirk at Ryan and his use of the term “wife,” before turning to see my would-­‐ be hero. He’s attractive; in fact, he looks like Joss’ type. The guy narrows his eyes assessing me and I give him a tight smile and nod that I am okay. He doesn’t look completely convinced, but I’m glad when he walks away. Part of me is grateful to see Ryan act out of sorts. But the other part of me is annoyed, because being the jealous guy isn’t his thing and now is the wrong time to start showing off his tough-­‐guy act. 


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