Sunday, January 19, 2014

Dating Delaney Blog Tour Chararcter Interview and Dream Cast

Jake, what was going through your mind the first time you saw Delaney? Hot, definitely hot, but also...holy hot and cold. Man she was saucy one second and a grumpy bitch the next!
Delaney, what is the most endearing thing about Jake? His persistence. Clearly I need a persistent man. 
Have your friends eavesdropped again? Delaney *Blushes* could'a happened. (looks at Jake grinning)
Delaney, have you had any contact with Gavin or John? Absolutely not John. I did finally have a *real* talk with Gavin, but things are really strained between us now.

How are things going for the two of you? Jake: *grinning foolishly* Excellent. Delaney: We're talking next steps.
Where do you see yourselves in three years? *Jake grabs Delaney's hand* Married!

Jake, what is your favorite thing about Delaney's house? I'll tell you what isn't my favorite- her parents being on the premises 24/7...*Delaney kicks his shin* Besides that tho- it's just gorgeous and unique and open. Very well thought out and designed.



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