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Broken Truth Blog Tour Character Interview and Deleted Scene

Callum, what was your first impression of Charlie the night you two met?

Callum: She was strikingly beautiful, but a terrible waitress. I mean, she couldn’t keep her eyes off of me for the whole evening!

Charlie: Okay, slight exaggeration there.

Callum: If you say so. (Callum flicks Charlie a cheeky grin.)

Charlie, what is the most endearing thing Callum has done for you?

Charlie: He didn’t give up on me. And he didn’t give up on us...I feel so thankful for everything he did. Yes, he went around it all in the wrong way, but in the end, it all worked out for the both of us.

Charlie, working in the fashion industry can be a lucrative career. What do you like best about your job? What are your professional goals?

Charlie: Since taking over as management in the Manchester boutique, I’ve found so many different avenues opened up for me. Not only do I get to still dress and style my clients, but I also now get to fully manage the stock that comes into the boutique. I’m doing everything I ever wanted aside from actually designing the clothes myself. Although, I’d like to think that in a few years I could be designing my own clothes. We’ll see!

Callum, it became obvious early in Broken Truth that you have a passion for fancy cars; what would you say is the most favorite of all the cars you've owned, and why?

Callum: You’re right. I absolutely love to drive nice cars. My favourite is definitely my new Audi SUV. It isn’t sleek and sporty as you might have thought I’d pick, but it’s big and safe. Plenty of room to fit all of the carseats we need...

Charlie: He loves his big and manly family car!

What one word would you each use to describe each other?

Callum: Special.

(Charlie scoffs.)

Charlie: I’m going to say challenging.

Charlie, I think it's great you have friends who are like sisters to you. How did you meet Lucy and Amelia?

Charlie: We have actually known each other since secondary school. Both Amelia and Lucy were in my tutor group when we were fifteen. Things just clicked that day and we have pretty much been inseparable since.

Callum: I can vouch for that. I see and hear from those girls practically every day...

Charlie: You say that like it’s a bad thing.

Callum: It isn’t a bad thing, Baby. (Callum squeezes Charlie’s knee affectionately as he gives us a subtle nod.)

Charlie: I saw that...

Where do you see yourself in five years?

(Callum flicks a glance at his now moody wife and chuckles.)

Callum: I’d better answer this one... I’m not sure I trust Mrs Ellis with her answer at the moment.

Charlie: No, no... It’s fine, and I already have an answer.

Callum: Okay...

Charlie: I can safely say that in five years time, I hope to have another two children added to our growing brood. I’ve always wanted a large family. To have five children just sounds so right for us... Doesn’t it, Baby?

(Callum suddenly begins to cough loudly.)

Callum: Y-Yes? Sure...

Charlie: I’m serious you know.

Callum: I don’t doubt that. (He pulls uncomfortably at the collar of the shirt he is wearing.)

Callun, besides cars and Charlie, what are you passionate about?

Callum: I really like to socialise with ALL of our friends. But of course with children, that is something that now rarely happens. When we do get a night off, we tend to venture into town to go to our favourite bar or restaurant. There isn’t anything better than spending time with good company.

Charlie, what is the last book you read on your Kindle?

Charlie: Comfort Food by Kitty Thomas. I really enjoyed it!

Callum: I enjoyed it too...

Is there anything else you want to share?

Charlie: I had fun with this interview. Thank you so much for having us both!

Callum: Yes. Thank you for having us.


So before I let you loose with a deleted scene from Broken Truth, there are a couple of things I wanted to mention to you first.

* This scene will contain spoilers. If you haven’t yet finished the book then I wouldn’t recommend reading this scene until afterwards.

* The ending to Broken Truth was completely changed following beta feedback. As you will understand from the below scene, things could have been very different for Charlie and Callum.

*Spoiler* - Now this is the opening to the old chapter thirty-one. It followed on from Marco’s introduction of the new International Operations Director at the very end of chapter thirty... It was Callum.

Deleted Scene from Broken Truth

Copyright © 2013 Beth Ashworth

As a chorus of claps and well wishes flooded around the room, Charlie remained frozen and silent in her seat. She couldn’t breathe as an unexpected force started to pound deep inside of her brain. It was fierce, threatening to push out of her ears at any moment. It was a feeling of being trapped. It was a feeling of pressure rushing into your ears after putting your head under water.
She felt as though she were drowning.
“This can’t be happening,” she eventually whispered into the room. She watched Callum step forward and close the door behind him. Charlie knew that she had to be dreaming. She couldn’t imagine for one second that Marco had just announced Callum as the new director of the company. It was impossible. She knew that he had obligations back home, so it couldn’t be true that he was now here.
“Fuck,” she heard Sophia curse loudly as the recognition of Callum’s name embedded and clicked in her mind. “I don’t even know what to say,” she said as she shook her head.
Charlie pressed her hand against her forehead and closed her eyes. The pounding was becoming more and more forceful the longer she looked at him. She hoped that if she closed her eyes she would rid herself of the nightmare she was currently in.
“Charlotte?” Charlie opened her eyes at the concern in Marco’s voice. “Are you alright? Would you like a glass of water?”
Realising that she had once again attracted the attention of the entire room, including Callum, Charlie blushed a furious shade of tomato. “I’m okay, thank you. I am just feeling a little warm,” she explained, picking up Sophia’s notepad. She started to fan her face in an attempt to calm her soaring body temperature.
Diverting her eyes to one spot in the corner of the room, Charlie heard a few background whispers before Callum’s deep, throaty chuckle reverberated off of the walls around them. The sound of his voice sent cold shivers instantly trickling along the length of her spine.
As much as she didn’t want to admit it, she had missed hearing his voice.
“He keeps staring at you,” she heard Sophia whisper discreetly her way. “And those eyes... Jesus, Charlie. I can practically see him undressing you from where he is stood.”
“Shush,” Charlie smirked, nudging Sophia slightly in the ribs.
“As much as I am on your side, those eyes are just so damn hypnotising,” she giggled quietly.
Charlie couldn’t resist the curiosity any longer. Slowly she lifted her eyes to where Callum stood with Marco. Within seconds, the usual physical chemistry between them burned hungrily in the air. He fixed his eyes firmly over Marco’s shoulder at her. The appetite within his stare was unnerving, yet she couldn’t tear her eyes away.
“I’m getting horny just watching you two,” Sophia whistled, flicking between both Charlie and Callum.
“Right, shall we get on with the meeting then?” Marco clapped his hands together eagerly and looked around the room. “Callum, if you’d like to take a seat then we will begin,” he said, gesturing towards the empty seat to Charlie’s left.
“Oh God,” she breathed as an award winning smirk appeared across Callum’s features. She knew this was going to be a bad idea. She was already second guessing the emotions flooding through her body, without the added worry of him being sat in such close proximity.
Trying to keep her cool, Charlie merely nodded as Callum took the empty chair beside her at the head of the table and opened up his laptop. After he had switched it on, she immediately caught sight of the wallpaper saved to his desktop background.
Her breath caught in the back of her throat as she took in the picture onscreen. Recognising it instantly, her memory flicked back to the night with ease. It was the Saturday evening after their first anniversary. They had decided to go out for dinner with their friends, which had then turned into a night out at Zachary’s. Drinks had been flowing for a few hours by the time the photos had started. In this particular picture, Callum had gripped hold of Charlie unexpectedly from behind and pulled her against the strain in his trousers. Whilst her face was a comical sight, Callum had managed to maintain his signature, seductive smile and usual pose without problem.
Charlie shook her head.
She needed to remember what this man had done to her and everything he had put her through.
“So Charlotte...”
Charlie jumped out of her seat a little and directed her attention towards Marco who was watching her movements carefully. “I do apologise, please could you repeat that?”
Marco narrowed his eyes. “I was just asking if you wouldn’t mind telling the team a little about yourself as an introduction.”
“Don’t be nervous,” Marco said as he took his seat. “We all work here as a family, so this is our getting to know you period.”
Placing her hands neatly on the table, Charlie looked around the room. “Hi, my name is Charlotte, but you can all call me Charlie. I have been in Milan a total of two days following a move from Manchester. I like to shop... quite a bit. And I hope we all get along great while I’m here.” She flushed a little at the end of her sentence realising that she sounded like a new member at her local self-help group.
“Thank you, Charlie,” Marco winked. “I’m sure we will all get along very well.”
Charlie saw Callum’s body language instantly stiffen at Marco’s words. She recognised this change in stance quite well and could tell that he was fighting the urge not to retort his comments.
“In fact, perhaps we should schedule an evening out to welcome our newest member of staff?” Marco suggested, his eyes practically gleaming with possibilities.
Hearing Callum suck in a sharp breath beside her as he tried to contain his growing protectiveness, Charlie decided to cross over the line that she had previously been happy to stay away from.
“That sounds great,” she replied happily as she gently brushed her bare leg against Callum’s trousers. She smiled at the sound of his gasp, the unexpected touch surprising him greatly.
She knew that she was playing a dangerous game here, but she wanted him to know that she was grateful for his protection, however difficult their situation was.
“Will you join us tonight, Mr Ellis?” Charlie turned towards Callum and cocked her head to the
His gaze intensified as he licked his lips. “I’ll be there,” he nodded.

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